Hello, I'm Julie Cieniawski

 Learn about my teaching career below.


I began my teaching career working at a Title 1 elementary school in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. After moving to Arizona, I taught in Mesa Public Schools for over twelve years. After taking a short Leave of Absence to stay home with our small children, I then taught for another 15 years in the Scottsdale Unified School District, dedicated to teaching and supporting my students, colleagues, and our community. 

I have worked with K-12 students teaching in the following areas: Adapted Physical Education, Elementary and Jr. High school physical education, at risk instruction, health education, middle school social studies in the Comprehensive Gifted Program, worked as a site Gifted Specialist, and created the first middle school Theatre program in SUSD. 


I have supported collaborative decision making through my work as a committee member in the areas of: curriculum development, assessment and grading, teacher evaluation, restorative justice practices, middle school task force,  and wellness, and school safety.  I have worked as an educator, school athletic coach, performing arts director, department chair, club sponsor, and assistant principal. 


I am the gracious recipient of both the Scottsdale Foundation Quest for Excellence Award in recognition of Excellence in Civic Leadership and the Charros Teacher Award.  I proudly served as the Scottsdale Education Association President for 3 years, ensuring a commitment to excellence on every school campus.  A quality education matters!

As a proud educator, committed community volunteer, parent, and activist, I ask for your vote, time, resources, and trust in me to represent you as a member of the Scottsdale School Governing Board.


I have been a Scottsdale resident for over 27 years. I was born and raised in New Hope, Minnesota and attended our neighborhood public schools from K-12. I am a first-generation college graduate receiving both my Bachelors of Science and Master's degrees, in education, from the University of Minnesota. I am a sister to 3 siblings, including my twin sister. I am married and my husband, Brian and I have 2 children, both of whom attended Scottsdale Schools K-12. Our son is a summa cum laude graduate of Barretts, The Honors College at ASU, and our daughter attends the George Washington University in Washington, D.C..  Education is a very important element embedded in our family values.


Education is IMPORTANT


YOUR CHILD, a connected world,the integrity of our nation,the future of Arizona,the community of Scottsdale.

Every Student Deserves the Opportunity to be Successful 

Can you think of a teacher who has provided influence to your life?  Most of us can attribute who we are today to the support system we had in place while we were growing up. School-aged children often spend more weekday waking hours interacting on their school campus than they do with their families.  If you were lucky, you had a good support system at home as well as at school.  Today, many students come to school in need.  They are in need of food, encouragement, understanding, challenge, life skills, remediation, friends, guidance, patience, advocates, medical attention, career development, structure, and nurturing. 

Teachers and parents alike know what children need, but too often institutional decisions are made without the genuine input from these vital stakeholders.  Schools have evolved and the label of "success" often relies heavily upon standardized test scores rather than on comprehensive student learning.   Learning is unique and individualistic and the opportunities need to be geared that way as well. This becomes a daunting task for teachers who often have too many students in their classrooms and lack the resources needed to provide one-on-one instruction with each and every student, every day.  When we ignore these factors, we are limiting the success and longevity of school staff and limiting the potential of each student. 


Education is one of the sole remaining GREAT EQUALIZERS available in our society.