• Julie Cieniawski

Meet my Family

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Families are so important and can come in many forms.

I was born into a great family.

Here I stand with my twin sister Jackie, brother John, and sister Mary. All four of us are within 3 calendar years of age from one another. We all attended our neighborhood district public schools K-12. After our parents divorced, when I was in the 5th grade, our mom raised us as a single parent working multiple jobs. We relied on the schools for a lot- guidance, support, food, direction, opportunities.

This is the amazing family I helped to create.

Here is my nuclear family. My son Corbin, Mom Peggy, me RED and center, daughter Clara, and my husband Brian.

Sometimes we choose our families to include extended relationships.

My colleagues and friends from our community are very important to me.

Working to better our community is a necessary activity. Friends make that work fun!

Caring for our families and friends in our communities is vital to a healthy existence.

Celebrating special occasions is an important element of our Scottsdale community.

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